• We have been Kore customers since 2006 when we built in Panorama Ridge.  The Customer Service has always been excellent, but  some go above and beyond.  Julie is always very efficient and answers our requests promptly and with such a great attitude.  Josh is another one of those rare finds in the Service industry… His smile, can-do attitude and professionalism and charming personality would make any company want to have him on their team.  Somebody is doing a great job at Kore and you should all be proud!
    - Tammy Ritchie /Joe Sweeny

  • The reason I am sending you this message is to praise the young man that came to service our complex today. Josh is a very pleasant young man to deal with. I thoroughly enjoyed dealing with him; he explained all the details of how the system works.  We had a very nice conversation & you should be proud of having him as an employee
    - Andre Paulhus

  • The sprinkler system is working fantastic! Thank you again for finding the time in all your busy schedules to have our yard finished so early within our summer. Huge help for when we go away for two weeks in August.

    Josh and Sam were such a pleasure, and look forward to Kore's continuing service for our system. Please add our name to the seasonal shutdown and startup each year.

    Thank you again Julie.
    - Lisa Thur

  • Today I had the pleasure to have something occur which is quite rare these days. We had a leak in our underground sprinkler system which was somehow getting into the lower level of our home and I thought the worst---probably remove most of the system which would cost hundred's if not more. Our gardeners (Green Beans Gardening) suggested that we call Kore as they have an excellent reputation-so I did. Called Julie at Kore on Monday and she had Keith at our door on Thursday morning. Not only did he find the leak, but had it repaired within the hour and left the area looking like new. We are going to have Kore replace our entire sprinkler system in the spring along with an updated lighting installation.
    - Fred

  • We have worked with Kore Irrigation for a number of years. My wife and I find the service from the Service Technician and Dispatch staff to be very friendly, professional and helpful. I would recommend to others. Thank you.
    - Michael

  • I don’t normally make these kind of phone calls, but I just wanted to say how wonderful Chris was today. He really goes above and beyond what you would expect.
    - Mrs. K

  • I would like to pass on to you our high degree of satisfaction in dealing with your company.  From the first call to the completed work we found your company professional and excellent in the services we received.  In particular, the individual who worked on our yard, Chris, was excellent in not only doing the work but explaining what and why he was doing it.  Finally, we found the work reasonably prices and very prompt in attending to the work.

    We will definitely recommend KORE to our friends and family.
    - Don & Michelle

  • ...a HUGE "Thank you" for the great service you gave me and for sending amazing Josh!!!
    He is a first class guy to have on your team.  Outstanding customer service skills!!!  People can accomplish a lot more in life by having refreshing people like Josh in the service industry!
    Good job Kore!!
    - Susan Gough

  • I wanted to thank you and Sam for your great customer service. Sam was terrific and did a fantastic job, exceeding my expectations by a mile. I would not hesitate to recommend your company.
    - Terry

  • I just wanted to say a big thanks for (everything this year… For) all the quality work from you and all of your staff this year. You always seem to be there for us when called upon; whether it be an emergency or routine maintenance, your timely, expedited response is noted and appreciated. (I hope you all enjoy the festive season, and we look forward to working closely with your team in the New Year!!! )
    - Aaron Billard, City of Langley, BC
    Head Gardener – Arborist

  • Can you extend our thanks to your work crews that have been working onsite. Many people around the complex have noted that your guys were always courteous, never disturbed anyone, were always respectful and the biggest one of all... as more than a few residents noted to us, your guys did not swear! A lot of times when crews are working around the building and property they are not mindful that they are standing outside people's open windows and foul language is often heard. Your guys were fantastic and we want you to know that and let them know that we will gladly recommend your company and staff by word of mouth!
    - Brett, Coquitlam, BC

  • We recently had our irrigation and landscape lighting installed by Kore and I just had to let you know how great Jordan and his crew was.
    - Cheryl N., North Vancouver, BC

  • I just wanted to say how amazing Julie [your dispatcher] is. My clients tell me all the time how polite, kind and helpful she is. Thank you for your good company. All my clients are happy with you.
    - Christine
    Stellar Landscapes

  • I just wanted to drop you an email and tell you that I think the job your crew did on my yard was first class! Your crew cleaned up my yard better than the way they found it.... ....thank you and your crew for such a good job!
    - Dawn McNeil, Surrey, BC

  • I just wanted to thank you and Sam for the great customer service. We really appreciate it.
    - Dennis C., Surrey, BC

  • You guy’s make me look good once again…fantastic service!!!!!
    - Guy Martin, City of Abbotsford, BC
    Manager, Horticulture & Turf

  • [We] just had the sprinkler system blown out by Josh. He was very pleasant and did an excellent job. Will definitely use your firm again. Thank you!
    - Harvey Schmidt, Abbotsford, BC

  • We want to thank you for the great service we received from your company. Josh was very friendly and helpful.
    - Jodi Connelly & Kevin Brown, Delta, BC

  • Thanks very much for looking after our Christmas lights. Your fellows did a terrific job and the lights in the front yard are brilliant and look far better than the ones we had up previously.

    I am happy to recommend Kore.
    - Joel Dumaresq, Vancouver, BC

  • I just wanted to send you a quick note to say what a great crew you sent to our home. The men were all very nice and acted in a professional manner.

    The fellows worked hard and steady giving care to leave my flower gardens as they found them.

    I know I'll enjoy the system and will be happy to recommend Kore to anyone who asks.

    Thanks again to all!
    - Karen Hiebert, Coquitlam, BC

  • Kore installed an automatic sprinkling system at my home. I was very pleased with the work they did.

    I found the staff very easy to communicate with. They are willing to do anything you want and perform their work in a competent and friendly manner.

    Their prices are very reasonable in my opinion.

    Julie in the service department is very knowledgeable and friendly. All appointments are kept in a timely and prompt manner.

    I am very willing to recommend the services of Kore. I am a happy and satisfied customer.
    - Ken Sweetland, Surrey, BC

  • My wife and I recently purchased a home with an underground irrigation system and no instructions, we were referred to Kore. I called to see if someone could help me with my system as I needed to know where the heads were and I needed someone to walk me through the controls.

    Chris arrived on one of the worst days of rain and I thought he would tell me that he would come back on a sunnier day, but instead he listened to me go on about knowing nothing about my system. By the end of the day he had located heads I didn't know I had moved them or positioned them better, walked me through the control system and even set it up for scheduled watering.

    He was very knowledgeable about the system and had a lot of patients having to explain two or three times how things worked. I expected that considering how long he spent in the pouring rain and the amount of work he did that I would receive a sizable bill. I thought with his demeanor and the fact the system actually worked it was worth every penny.

    I was surprised when the bill did come in and it was less than half of what I expecting. Chris went beyond what he had to and even in the rain was very pleasant while he went about his work. I would recommend Chris and his company Kore to anyone who needs work on their watering system.
    - Kevin Nosworthy, Maple Ridge, BC

  • We have used Kore Irrigation since 2005 for both installation and service and recommend them highly. The technicians are efficient and a pleasure to deal with. I also appreciate the service reminder phone calls, as it’s the best way to keep my system well maintained.
    - Kirk Fisher
    Vice President Lark Group

  • My friend Gloria was so happy with the job you did for her in North Van. It was a pleasure to recommend your Company and nice to hear that she was so pleased with the work you did for her. She said you had it all done in two days which is great.
    - Mary Andrews, North Vancouver, BC

  • Our relationship with Kore started in June 1996 when we were building our home in Morgan Creek, South Surrey, BC. Kore installed our residential irrigation system and services our annual maintenance for the last 16 years.

    It was recently in the winter of 2011 yr. that Kore came to our rescue. We had a major outside drainage repair done by another company who in the process damaged our irrigation system. Kore managed to look after us and do all the repairs in a timely and efficient manner.

    Our thanks go out to them for their professionalism and friendly customer service.
    - Rob & Aiko Charlton, South Surrey, BC

  • What we love about Kore is that they treat your yard like their yard. And they treat you like a member of the family. They are incredibly efficient, professional and just really nice people.

    This little story says it all. We booked them for our winter prep and were flexible as to when it happened - we said, when you can squeeze us in - a couple of days later...you come home from work and your 80-year-old Mom tells you, "some nice guys were here in a white van doing something in your front yard." Ah... Kore is done already. :) Ya gotta love it. The leaves aren't even off the trees and its one less thing to worry about. We started with irrigation service... landscape lighting is next. We know who to call.
    - Rob Karchewski & Laurie Dawson, Surrey, BC

  • Days ago we had our residential in-ground sprinkler system started and tuned up by Josh, an absolute professional Kore team member.

    Josh was brimming with enthusiasm to start the Monday morning job. Bright, articulate and very knowledgeable, Josh took the time to explain the intricacies of fine tuning the various sprinkler heads on our property. He expertly assessed, adjusted and replaced necessary components. He then reprogrammed the zone timing for both optimum performance and water conservation. Thank you Josh, you are an absolute stand-out!

    I tip my hat to owner Kirby and operations manager, Julie. Josh exemplifies the Kore attributes of providing exceptional service delivery and customer satisfaction.
    - Ron Fairweather, South Surrey, BC

  • Thank you guys very much for your service call yesterday. Chris did a fantastic job and was a star in the client’s eyes. I really appreciate it.

    Have a great day!
    - Russ Lyons
    Golden Ears Landscaping Ltd.

  • John thanks for the GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE last night. (Diagnosing irrigation pump problems)
    - Scott Watson, L. Arch. BCSLA, City of Abbotsford, BC
    Park Planner/Designer

  • My wife was very happy with the efficient way in which the problem was fixed. …the fellow was polite and professional. Thank you for handling it the way you did.
    - Stanley S., Surrey, BC

  • A great employee is a company’s most valuable asset so we want to recognize and acknowledge Josh.  …his knowledge and service were excellent.
    - The Kokoska’s, Mission, BC

  • A great employee is a company’s most valuable asset so we want to recognize & acknowledge Josh… he is knowledge and service was excellent.
    - Theresa K., Mission, BC

  • I just wanted to let you know from my first phone call with Jordan to the 3 guys doing the work, it was a great experience.  You have 4 very polite, nice hardworking guys that take the time to listen and do a professional job.
    - Tony Ciamiello, Burnaby, BC

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